Those who know me well would know that I like a clear plan – I get very excited about ‘to do’ lists, daily routines and goals! 

Even if you have a different personality type to mine, I think that you’d agree that generally, we all like to have some purposeful sense of direction in life and would often prefer to know what the future has in store.

The events of 2020 have shaken 
certainty, security and comfort at its core. 

We are all navigating the concerns, fears, anxieties, logistics and disorientation that come knocking on the door of our soul when unwanted change, unexpected life events, painful loss and cancelled plans come our way. 

It can be so exhausting and overwhelming!

During a lockdown period in Denmark during 2020, I had a beautiful moment with the Holy Spirit. Let me share it with you! 

My husband, children and I went for a walk in nature and we stumbled upon a walking path that went on and on and on. At any point along the path, I could catch glimpses of things further ahead even though I hadn’t reached that spot yet. 

Even though I couldn’t clearly make out everything in the distance, I saw enough to know that my family was on the right track.

Psalm 139:5a (TPT) says:

You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way
and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me 
from the harm of my past (emphasis added).

The future can seem so uncertain and scary, however, as followers of Jesus we can walk in courage and strength because He is already in our future!

Read this slowly and let it sink in: Jesus knows what’s happening in your life right now. Jesus is already making a way. Yes, He is! Even if you can’t see it yet, Jesus is using all things for good and will reveal it further along your path.

So friend, keep taking the next wise step, trust your Lord and Saviour, 
and give it time. He is preparing your way!


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