When my family moved to Denmark from Australia, we had to get used to Christmas being in Winter, as opposed to Summer! There’s something so beautiful and special about a “White Christmas”. Because it’s so cold outside, it’s all about opening up our homes and inviting people inside – to celebrate and connect.

That’s why I think this past Christmas has been so difficult for so many. Due to lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the covid-19 global pandemic, we haven’t been able to gather in the ways we are used to. It’s been very lonely for many people.

Winter seasons of the soul can feel really lonely. We often think that nobody else understand what we’re going through. It’s a lie that the enemy would love for you to believe to prevent you from experiencing something that actually helps us during Winter: fellowship.

Romans 12:15 (NIV) says:
“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

We all need a community of other believers who we are genuinely doing life with.

Winter is an invitation to deepen relationships.

Allow people to see you as you really are in this season. Not just your strengths, but your weaknesses also. There is power in experiencing fellowship in which people are not just rejoicing with you in the good times, but mourning with you during the bad times. 

Who knows – perhaps, out of your current Winter, some of your most precious relationships will emerge.

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